Power Flushing Borehamwood

Power Flushing Borehamwood


Power Flushing Borehamwood

Central heating power flushing is a procedure which cleans your radiators/central heating system. Over the years the inside of your radiators erode and as the metal corrdes and degrades the excess debris mixes with the water in the radiators and which creates a gunk filled blockage. This blockage can cause havoc in your central heating system, the efficiency of your central heating will be greatly decreased and eventually lead to your central heating needing urgent repair. Don't let a blockage in your central heating have a detrimental effect on your home life, call Plumbing and Heating Network for all of you power flushing needs.

Problems with your central heating and need a power flushing...

  • Noisy Boiler
  • Bled radiators and black or brown water
  • No hot water
  • Cold radiator
  • Blocked pipes
  • Boiler cuts out
  • Partially cold radiators

What Plumbing and Heating Network can offer...

  • Very Competitive Prices
  • Save up to 25% on heating bills
  • Central Heating Restored to 100% efficiency
  • Better circulation on system
  • Protection against rust and limescale
  • Discount on multiple radiators
  • 100% customer satisfaction, attentive and precise work carried out